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Our mighty necro PooDelivery Congraz on Level 14

AuthorOur mighty necro PooDelivery Congraz on Level 14
You have truely grinded the guilds and warmed our hearts. :D
I whish to let all know of your new milestone.

Congraz Poo
Congratulations to the almighty Captain of Team Blackbeard!!! Those dragons looks dangerous after joining you :D
Congrats Sir Poo :)

I'll catch up to you in a week or so.
Congrats Poo :D
Gratz !
What an awesome milestone, make way for ol' Blackbeard arrr
Yet another delivery!

Amazing Poo!... :)
Congrats! :)
Congratulations :)
Congrats mate poo :)
Congrats buddy :)
Congrats buddy!
Congrats poo!
Should we call you BIG POO delivery now? :p
With gratitude we can announce that small Poo delivery company finally was included in delivery chain of FedEx. With this our products can reach your homes faster than diarrhoea.

Thanks for gratulations ladds :)
Gratz :)
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