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   Forums-->Gratitudes and congratulations-->Our mighty necro PooDelivery Congraz on Level 14

AuthorOur mighty necro PooDelivery Congraz on Level 14
You have truely grinded the guilds and warmed our hearts. :D
I whish to let all know of your new milestone.

Congraz Poo
Congratulations to the almighty Captain of Team Blackbeard!!! Those dragons looks dangerous after joining you :D
Congrats Sir Poo :)

I'll catch up to you in a week or so.
Congrats Poo :D
Gratz !
What an awesome milestone, make way for ol' Blackbeard arrr
Yet another delivery!

Amazing Poo!... :)
Congrats! :)
Congratulations :)
Congrats mate poo :)
Congrats buddy :)
Congrats buddy!
Congrats poo!
Should we call you BIG POO delivery now? :p
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