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Give gold for posting in forums

AuthorGive gold for posting in forums

Okay, great idea I have. Everytime u make a post/reply to a post on forum u get 1 gold. Every 1000 posts will award an extra 5000 gold.

Good way to get people to communicate in forums more.

Spam of course, will be banned.
If this would encourage you to post more, then no thanks. -100.
for ProZyk:

I second your opinion,

for kchong:

If this would encourage you to post more, then no thanks. -100.
Maybe some kind of reward for an accepted answer to a specific question, this would encourage quick and clear answer.
But -100 for encouraging garbage posting.
for ProZyk:
Ok coming from one of the most hated clans in RU server )

Also, nope. 1 gold is nothing to me. I would post as I normally do, but this will encourage OTHER players to post.

for Igles:
Yes, nice weak character u got there :)
for ggtouch:
I actually brought this to RU forums and some players brought up the same idea as u. I think this is a good idea too. As stated in post, garbage posting or spam can be punished with fine/ban.
I correct my statement in #5. I don't want to make things personal or trash talk others but clearly u started it. It is known that most players in AK are there just for the gold from leader. There is no other incentive to be in AK.

Even the gold from leader is from huge donations. AK is the definition of a p2w clan. There is no income at all (very, very little). Yet leader pays players to join from his pocket. And I am not against this btw, I think its good players like him exist so this game can continue to survive.
But it is not a successful guild in my opinion. Glad to see even with all the gold in the world, AK struggles to even win third place. (Congrats for hitting third this event, massive accomplishment :) )

Now I know why AK came to com server. Because they can't get enough RU players to join them :)

PS: Nice to see u lost all your facilities :)

PPS: I think it is also a joke 2 events ago where a few top 100 players were paid double digit gold. Total joke.
Kchong you talk about wanting more people to post on forum but you personally attack people who have a different opinion to you, this why less people will start using the forum and why some players might stop using the forum
for y0Junior:
Different opinion is OK. They could have said, if this encourage trash posting then -100.

But no, they had to bring me into the topic. That is not a different opinion.
Go search the forums, I don't attack anyone specific UNLESS they are rude to me or attack me first.
Trying to bring life to the forum is a good idea, but the suggested method isnt serious at all. I cant imagine the work of forum moderators if people got paid for posting. And who should decide what is spam and what is not?

I don't attack anyone specific UNLESS they are rude to me or attack me first.
Didnt you just trash talk an entire clan in previous comments here? I dont see that clan being rude to you.
for Majblomma:
Post 2 and 3 were not offensive to me? They literally called me out.
Closed due to spam and inability to keep this thread on topic.
closed by Meshy (2020-10-26 21:54:38)
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