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Lord Bogland


AuthorLord Bogland
So it'd official that our clan leader is going to take a leave I'd say and I haven't been here but I got to know him as well as i could.
I'm just writing this to let him know that whatever he has to deal with, that shit will be okay my brother and that we will be waiting for you.
Ever since I joined A&D you have been really helpful to me as a leader, as a friend and as a mentor. I did not know about changes after i started playing after years but this guy helped me cope with it and I'm greatful for that.
We taught me some things, helped me in big ways and keeps a good atmosphere around the clan. He's been a great leader, friend and clan mate.
I'd ask all my A&D fellas to come forward and write about him and let him know that everything will be okay and he will be missed while he's gone but you got a friend in us, like we do in you.
Although I did personally text him, I'd like everyone to know the kind of person he is and how he has done so much for this clan and for the members.
But anyway, I thought that I should write this post and have everyone come up and support my guy here.
So have a great one Boggy
Gl hf and GGs my friend! :)
See you soon brother!
Also if this whole post is cringe I dont care xD
Good luck Bogdan, totaly agree with all things has been mention above .
Yes, I agree as well!
We will miss you and hope for your eventual return to defenses.
Lord Bogland, good luck in your real life my friend. I'll be waiting for your return whenever you'll be ready ;)
Boggy, you are most welcome when you return. In meantime gl and hf like you ways did. And big thank you for all work done.
Boggy, we'll miss you and hope you'll return in some day.
I know lord bogland since warriors guild empires wrath days. He always took care of clan affairs and defences even there. A gaming friend that will be sorely missed. A thorough gentleman. Hope u return to game some day big :)
Take care and all the best in life mate :)
Take care bog.

GL & HF!
tx bogy u are a good mate
Yet another old friend to leave the game, you shall be missed.

Good luck in all you do
cya Boggy I ll miss our facility def together
Good luck in your RL. Almost everything was allready told but i will add that you kept AD alive when it was in very difficult situation. Respect to your acheivements!

Also a good and kind person in many chats we had. I hope everything is ok in RL and if it's not - you will get trough it 100%.

I hope i will see you soon here. Next leader sure will need somw help from you. ;)
Thank you for all the time and effort, Boggy!
Thanks a lot, Bog... All the best!
Dear Lord boggy,

I'm gonna miss you so much. :(

I hope everything in real-life goes well for you.
Return to us soon.

Thanks for being an awesome Clan Leader. :)

Your friend,
Lady Zephy
Good luck. Please keep us updated if possible.
Good Luck in Real Life Bog.. :)
All the best IRL bog! Look forward to when you return :)
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