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Lord Bogland


AuthorLord Bogland
Thank you bog for being the awesome kind person that you are. You will be dearly missed over here :/ Hope things are okay in RL. Looking forward to your return mate. Another great leader steps down after Sir Jedi Knight. GG brother. And much thanks for all those helps you've done to me, especially those crazy loans you've granted by valuing the mutual trust we have and treating everyone with respect nonetheless. Good luck in your future endeavors mate. You are truly a gem :)

Your monthly borrower xD,
You are finally free from the game!
Hey bog,
Thanks for your work and effort to support the clannies.

Gl with real life. Hope we see you again.
Good luck with everything!
Good luck with RL Bog and i hope it goes well. Thank you for all your efforts in picking up the reigns from Jedi.

Take a bow sir....you were simply brilliant
Bloodbrother i hope you find your way in RLand i hope you will find what your looking for..As one of my most great brothers and i hope i am one of your loyal friends i must say my friend i love you like a brother,and i realy hope i will see you again sometimes.GL in real live my friend
Good Luck with RL problems, and hope you find your balance!

Looking forward to you rejoining the community!
all the best in life boggy!
Many thanks and good luck :)
If too much gaming was reason of problems in RL then I wish you to be able to hold away from it even though you will miss it for some time and we will miss you too.
I would like to thank everyone for the fantastic comments, it is much appreciated. I will really miss you guys. I do not know the future and I can not say I will definitely be back, but I hope to maybe return one day.

good luck to Tindios and I really hope he gets the support he will need in the future, he has been a great deputy at A&D and I expect he will be a great leader as well.

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