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AuthorMake CG an exclusive guild only for top players
Very controversial opinion here. But I think this will benefit the PvP scene very much. I played my fair shares of CG and want to just write down my observations.

1. Duels
Duels seem to be very quick wins or losses. It's a pity nobody plays duel unless it is a special day like day of duels. The only players who play duels are the top 1% which u want to avoid unless u are of course, the top 1%.

Percentage allocated:
10% fair fights (skill matchup)
20% u get countered
20% u counter your opponent
50% Very easy win/loss depending on your stats
??% Guaranteed loss (this is avoidable)

Ok so for the guaranteed loss, here is what to do. Go to https://daily.heroeswm.ru/gt/rating
look at all the top players in duels for your level and add all of them as friends. During CG time, if u see them online in full gear waiting; do not play duels. You will run into them and probably lose.

I myself am in the top 3% of players of my level and stand no chance against these players, so if you're the average joe, u may be facing up to a +15 stat difference.

For ex: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7383875
Super pumped player, very high FSP, FSL 12 Necromancer and huge guilds.

Feedback: Very easy CG points and gold, but do your stalking beforehand as to avoid the pumped players.

2. Mixed battles (2v2)
This mode in my opinion is a lottery mode. In a 2v2, you do not get to choose your teammate and half the time will end up with a noob or a teammate that does not work well with u.

Picture this, a CL14 Might faction and CL12 might faction vs a CL14 Defender + CL12 DOF caster. Who will win?

Percentage allocated:
20% fair fights (skill matchup)
80% Lottery

Feedback: Play during non peak hours and avoid special days (ex: day of elves, day of recruitment etc). During special days, there are tons of noobs around who want to try a different faction and then have low FSL and skill level.

Ex: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=1099629221

As seen in the battle, my elf teammate was actually assisting the enemy team unintentionally due to being... weak.

Conclusion: Right now CG is more luck-based compared to skill based. This can be avoided by going to duels BUT research has to be done beforehand in order to avoid the pumped players who out stat u by a huge amount. CG is still a good guild to do as there is a good XP to FSP ratio and leveling CG guild up to lvl3 is great!

Suggestion: Either make CG exclusive for pumped players (check here: https://daily.heroeswm.ru/progress) or provide average guild and FSL stats to all participants)
or provide average guild and FSL stats to all participants)

By this you mean just for the 'weak' characters or you also mean there will be players who get their guilds reduced?
Going to disagree with this. The game is about grinding stats and the pumped players work hard for them.

CG has hours of equal combat as announced in June to counter this problem https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2779926

For me I enjoy the optimisation aspect of the game, why should the guys who show up with terrible guilds and bad arts be on a level playing field with those who carefully design their character?

There aren't so many of these pumpers that it's a huge problem In your case your stats are decent/average for cl14 so it shouldn't be a huge problem for you.
2020-10-26 22:16: Received 1 Gold from Mega Demon: waiting for ur posts on forum
2020-10-26 22:15: Received 1 Gold from latviesu lords: Please post more on forums

Are they responsible for this? They should be held responsible.
for kchong: tbh, I think you have the right spirit here.
CG is not in a good state.
Fundamental changes are needed. I just don't think this is it.
The solution is simple really, if more players played it, the pumpers wont skew the balance of the average player, but since gold on victories was added very late, many people just skip it altogether (many still dont know we get gold to win CG)

And no, taking advantage away from pumpers is mehh

We already have the hours of balancing as mentioned above and the potions and everything

It was never easier to be average for your level than it is now, in my opinion they should bring back an option to join with friends, or remove the somewhat pointless 30 minute time needed to get into a battle

You miss out on an enlisting and then you wait 30 minutes for the next, is somewhat annoying, and you cant even enlist more than 10 minutes before, which is again mehh
for Acean:
Either way as long as its where you show of your grinding, it wiont grow.
Simple solution, ranking sistem.
Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond
for merlin36:
All players on equal playing state

for Acean:
No bro, the game is about having fun and due to PvP I cant even enjoy the game, it is not fun having to play at a disadvantage and this is the reason nobody plays CG. Having 100 participants when 5000 players are online just shows that. I find myself a strong player for my CL and I can only imagine why the average player with 2-5 less stats and 1 less FSL wont play CG.

My stats are not average, they are way above average. Which is why I can still enjoy CG a lot more than the average player. There doesnt need to be so many pumpers. Faust VIII is a super boosted pumper and hes always the only one sitting in duel. Like I literally cant enjoy any duels because if I queue for it Im probably gonna face him and auto lose.
for ProZyk:
What do u suggest then.

for rohanarora:
The problem is the stats pumpers have is too BIG of a difference. The average player has +20-23 stats at my level and pumpers have +31 stats. Your suggestion is good but we dont have enough players playing CG.
for latviesu lords:
The hours of equal combat thing is nonsense. The average stats are low enough and -7 to 10 stats even up to 15 if u bring in armaments is definitely not equal combat.

for god_mom:
How Will a ranking system help?
I disagree to the topic mentioned in the subject, so -1/-500 or wherever.
Simple solution, ranking sistem.
Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond

This could work, but you would need a large pool of participants for it to be effective (Which as Kchong mentioned Having 100 participants when 5000 players are online)

The ranking system Bunnie and Omne mentioned would help with dividing people into the respective Bronze, Silver etc leagues. And people queuing up will only be matched up against others in their respective league. This will definitely solve the problem discussed.

But the major drawback is, you'll end up waiting hours to find a match within your league (As we have a very small pool of players participating at any given time) And currently, all the pumped players would be placed at the top League, and anyone who enters into that league will face the same issue Kchong does right now. Facing OP pumped characters every time they play.

The game needs more players. Only then will such a system be effective.
A possible solution to be implemented for the near future can be to allow ranked and unranked matches.
Ranked matches will contribute to ELO rating and thereby your standing within the league.
Unranked will be like the normal CG fights we have right now.

People can choose to join whichever. This will help when there are too few players of a CL spread between different leagues to just play a game (Like now) without having to wait hours finding people within their league.

Requires a functioning ELO rating System though. Would be nice if the admins could consider these suggestions and implement such a thing within the game.
Simple solution, ranking sistem.
Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond

There arent enough players playing PvP for that tbh..
for Void_Moon:
for -BayerN-:
And maybe that can change. There arent enough players in PvP because CG sucks.
If i go to PvP and see my opponent one shotting everything I have and my troops not doing any damage due to huge stat difference, will I continue playing PvP? Ofc not.

CG is actually a terrible way to promote PvP due to all these pumped players. Even Minor Tournament is garbage. People come up to me and say well you're not skilled enough thats why u lost. Like yeah for sure bro, I lost because I have no skill and not because my troops do no damage and fall like dominos because my opponent troops has 10 more attack and defense rather than mine.
Tbh, no hate. But anyone who opposes fair play in PvP are the ones in the 1% or the ones who doesn't want to play PvP and whose opinion should not matter.

Having high guilds is already rewarding enough, u do better in PvE events and everything else. please don't bring this unfairness to PvP.

And to those that says, oh don't be a whiny b, go grind those guilds instead. I am speaking for the PvP scene, not for myself. Heck I go to duels and beat the crap out of the average player because I too am pumped.
Having high guilds is already rewarding enough, u do better in PvE events and everything else.

Nobody would grind guilds for events imo

please don't bring this unfairness to PvP.

Reward for hard work (grinding), is not unfair....

There should be ways to improve CG participation, but your solution is not likely to fix it, just make it further obsolete I think
for rohanarora:
What we have now clearly does not work. Reward for grinding is to bully other players in PvP and then call it a skill matchup? I don't agree with this.

Getting high places in events are rewarding enough, along with every other aspect of the game which is dependant on guilds. Are u saying people grind guilds for the sole reason of bullying weaker players in PvP?
Let me show u an example:

This is the sort of duel I want and enjoy:

This is the sort of duel I do not want and hate:
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