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[SELL] Odin's great sell - over 20 items, robbers, ocean, worldwalker and more

Author[SELL] Odin's great sell - over 20 items, robbers, ocean, worldwalker and more
Hello All,

Below is the list of items for sell. The prices will be based on the market (cheaper than than the current market value). Upon agreement, I will post the item in the market for you to buy. No direct transfer.


Conqueror`s Order 1st grade 65/65

Ocean amulet 31/31

Minor robber`s necklace 70/70

Worldwalker amulet 37/37

Ocean armor 54/54

Thief armor 60/60

Dungeon crossbow 56/56

Temporal mantle 54/54

Robber`s simple cloak 21/21

Thief cloak 60/60

Sword of dungeons 66/66

Smoldering hammer 21/21

Forest blade 16/16

Worldwalker sword 34/34

Khopesh 32/32

Light leader sword 25/25

Robber`s light axe 32/32

Light adventurer`s dagger 60/60

Robber`s light sword 31/31

Ancient compass 40/40

Jackal`s shield 32/32

Ocean shield 40/40

Robber`s simple dagger 32/32

Light robber`s shield 40/40

Light boots of dungeons 30/30

Forest boots 23/23

Light ocean boots 20/20

Thief boots 60/60

Dungeon signet-ring 45/45

General`s signet-ring 15/15

Minor robber`s ring 56/56

Crusader gonfalon 70/70

Minor temporal sphere 20/20
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