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[SELL][Guide to the Great Experiment][0 gold]

Author[SELL][Guide to the Great Experiment][0 gold]
Hello all,

Short introduction, most of yall who use the forums already know me.
Hi I am kchong, consistent top player in every event, excluding a few. I play all events to the max and spend time analyzing the event state as well as discussing strategies.

Before we go into the event guide. You need to ask yourself this.
Are u playing the event for fun or are u playing the event to win?
I am playing to win, so this guide will mostly be about ways to win and not discussing troll or fun builds.

Here are some general tips that help me excel in my events.
1. Research
Research in a game? This has to be a joke right? No it is not bro. What I like to do is go to the top military clans, look at online players of your level and see exactly what they are doing. Are they participating in the event? If yes, then you should take note of what they are wearing and what parameters they have.
Next, look at forums. Sometimes helpful players share strategies! Don't be a leech, discuss and give your opinion as well as share your strategy.

2. Preparation
Do u have the best artifacts for your level? What is your plan? Do u want to spend less and lose more or spend more and lose less? It is important that stats matter. Even a brilliant mind will not win you battles against enemies which has many more stat points compared to u.
Arnaments. Arnaments. Arnaments. Arnaments are always ignored. Do u know a troop with +2 attack +2 defence has 4 more stat point vs a naked troop? If u can afford it, buy the arnaments.

3. Analysis
Replay the previous battle and look for flaws. Note what went wrong or went right.

4. Acceptance
Be willing to accept that you could improve in several ways in case of victory. In case of defeat, be willing to accept that you messed up. Look at what the opponent did that u can learn/copy from.
Preparation - Artifact comparison (CL 15 used but u can take advise for other levels)

I will explain each artifact type 1 by 1.
BEST = Top pick for ur CL, GOOD = Minimal difference compared to BEST, BUDGET = cheap!

Blade of Rebirth (+8 attack +9% melee damage) BEST
Obsidian Sword (+7 attack +5% melee damage) BUDGET
Sword of Cold (+8 attack +8% ice magic damage) BEST

In my opinion, blade of rebirth is better for melee based armies and Sword of Cold is better for ranged based armies. Sure extra melee damage vs extra magic damage can be debated, but with armor generally giving both reduction in melee damage as well as magic shield, the difference is minimal.
Obsidian sword can also be used for cheaper players or easier battles.

Dragonscale shield (+5 armor -6% ranged damage taken) BUDGET
Obsidian Shield (+1 attack +4 defense -10% ranged damage taken) BEST
Mithril dagger (+3 attack +2 defense +1% initiative) BUDGET
Flame dagger (+4 attack +1% initiative +4% extra flame magic damage) BEST

Yes, daggers cost more than shields. I think that u should always take the obsidian shield for defense compositions and the flame dagger for attack compositions. For budget choices, take the dragonscale shield. No reason really to take mithril dagger unless u want to cheap on the flame dagger.

Maskrobe (+12% ranged resistance) BUDGET
Cape of Sun (+1 defense +1% initiative +14% ranged resistance +10% magic shield) BEST
Bow of light (+1% initiative +18% ranged damage) GOOD
Bow of midnight still (+18% ranged damage) BEST
This is pretty self explanatory. Take bow if your damage primarily consist of range troops and take cape if otherwise. Maskrobe is good pick, cheap and gives decent range damage reduction. Cape on sun gives a little bit more in addition to +1 defense.

Ring of Cold (+2 attack +5 defense +1% initiative +5% pierce through magic res) BEST
Ring of Sun (+3 attack +2 defense +2% initiative) BEST
Dragon Eye (+3 attack +3% initiative) GOOD
Ring of fiery gaze (+2 attack +5 defense +1% initiative) GOOD/BEST
Ring of thorns (+2 attack +2 defense) BUDGET

Ring of cold works well with sword of cold. Ring of sun is perfect for rifle builds although Dragon Eye gives an extra initiative and can be considered as well. Ring of fiery gaze works the exact same as ring of cold, and can be taken with no difference unless using SoC, and difference is very minimal anyway.

Armor set:
Flame armor set (+15 armor, dmg res, magic shield .) BEST
Obsidian armor, ruby helmet, ruby boots (+11 armor) BUDGET
Battleplate of sun (+5 armor) BEST

I think the battleplate of sun isn't any greater than flame armor set. Take all 3 flame armor set for BEST and budget arts if u want to save cost/easy battles.

Amulet of fortune (+1 attack +1 defense +1 luck +1% initiative) GOOD
Pendant of wrath (+3 attack +3 defense +3% initiative) GOOD
Clover of fortune (2 attack +1 luck +5% initiative) BEST

All 3 necklaces are good picks. I like to use the amulet of fortune when playing defense builds and clover when playing offense builds. The pendant of wrath can give a stat difference in battle but u lose the luck. Make ur pick.
- Guide will be updated tomorrow, sleepy and all battles from day 1 will be analyzed in depth and thoughts and suggestions will be given.
Good job, keep it up )
Good work

Also can we move this to general game forum or "Queries and help" section
DAY 1 will include more explanation compared to DAY 2 onwards. I will be covering planning basics as well as several special creatures.
When looking at the number of crystals given, immediately I knew that anything over Tier 4 is overkill. There simply is not enough crystals to be recruiting tier 4 creatures. How did I choose my army? In my opinion, there are 2 ways to go about this.
1. Put all your crystals into unlocking higher tier creatures and then looking at what is good. Note down what you think is priced decent and can work well.
2. Go to _ and look at their site. This site is very nicely created, it shows you the price changes that happened every 4 hours. The more people using a specific troop, the more expensive it becomes. The less people using a specific troop, the cheaper it becomes. U can then note down what is cheap and worth the price.
Now that u have noted down the viable picks. Experiment by recruiting. What works well? At first, I thought hey black scorpions of course. Black scorpions have proved to be fantastic in the previous event during early days. Did it work out well? No. Although black scorpions were considerably cheap, I was facing huge stacks of tribal goblins, farmers etc.
It is also important to note that hall of unity cost 50 crystals, and taking away 1/6 of your crystal reserve is costly. How do we counter this? I thought of several creatures
1. Undead creatures
2. Minotaurs & Upgrades
3. Gargoyles & Upgrades
4. Golems & Upgrades
I ended up taking demon troops as they were high in number.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // User requested]
Day 1 BATTLES: Battle result on left dictates player controlled while right result shows AI controlled
1. Demon army vs Minotaurs/Golems/Wolfhounds
Result: Loss/Loss
After losing the first battle, I realize his army was just much stronger. There is no need for hall of unity as minotaurs always have 3 morale while golems are neutral. The wolfhounds were not a smart pick by him though, so I changed them to infected zombies. In long battles of chunky defense stacks fighting each other, infected zombies can go a long way.

2. Minotaurs/Golems/Infected Zombies vs Minotaurs/Golems/Wolfhounds
Result: Win/Loss
Again, the same army opponent as last battle, this time I won the battle fairly easily. I am confident with my army and made no changes.

3. Minotaurs/Golems/Infected Zombies vs Genies/Griffins
Result: Win/Win
Very easy victory. Sheer numbers on my side won me the battle without problems.

4. Minotaurs/Golems/Infected Zombies vs Vampires/Zombies/Skeletons
Result: Win/Win
What are u sucking bro? Vamps ain’t sucking anything from my troops. Easy win.

5. Minotaurs/Golems/Infected Zombies vs Invaders/Enforcers/Incendiaries/Demons/Spearmen
Result: Win/Win
Sure, the tribal units deal quite a bit of damage, but one reason tribal units are cheap is because, without tribal spirit. They die pretty easily.

6. Gargoyles/Zombies/Ghosts/Golems vs Hydra Trio
Result: Loss/Loss
The price changed drastically so I did change my army. Hydras price has decreased and they became very strong, killing my troops easily with their high stat points. Big loss. What to do after big loss? You’re right, I copied his army LOL.

7. Hydra trio vs hydra trio
Result: Win/Win
My opponent choose to go for a defense build while I put all my points into attack. Since hydras do not take retaliation, I figured attack might be better. Regardless, my 5 stat point advantage won me the game comfortably.

8. Hydra trio vs dwarf army (Brawlers & Upgrades, Dwarven ursary, harpooners)
Result: Win/Loss
I won it pretty comfortably but my opponent played with mastery, utilizing the berserkers and beastslayers with efficiency. Nothing I can do about AI loss.

// END OF DAY 1//
I stopped DAY 1 here. Time was over and I did not finish the 15 battles here. It was a relief for me anyway, as I wasn’t doing so hot this day. I look forward to playing 15 battles tomorrow and the remaining 7 from today.

In conclusion, there is not a best army for the entire day. Army prices changes based on usage, so something that is good now might not be good 4 hours later due to massive price increase. There is no shame in copying your enemy build when you lose. Copying a superior enemy build and making a few changes (if needed) is very efficient. Why crack your head when someone already cracked theirs in devising the perfect army?

Sorry about earlier post. The link to the army price changes (graphs) is as below:
Tier 7 Units are playable and are extremely cheap as the price dropped because nobody was using them in day 1. What came to mind for me this day was a few units. Having 1200 crystals to spend allows players to unlock every troop and play with the big troops.

Notable units:
Abyss Demon – Sacrifice ability counters big stacks, dealing true damage, avoiding defense parameters.
Behemoths & Upgrades – Ignore defense of 40% and the white ones has 60% ignore defense. Powerful troops capable of taking down dragons easily
Sphynx & Upgrades – Strong troops. No retaliation and Whirlwind are good abilities.
Crossbowmen – Extremely strong shooter that has 100% ignore defense if target is within 3 tiles.
Death heralds – Harvest soul ability allows u to kill 1 unit as well as dispel all positive spells without retail

I started the day, thinking about how to counter EVERY scenario. Was I thinking too much?

1. Behemoths/Death heralds/Abyss Demons/Monks/Crusaders/Warlords vs Sphynx/Genies/3 Magi
Result: Loss/Loss
I got my ass handed to me this battle. I thought too much and taking a bunch of troops that have nice abilities did not work well together. The sphynx army was high in count and extremely strong. I am definitely copying the opponent’s army for the next battle.

2. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Angels & Giants
Result: Win/Win
High stats Tier 7 troops are strong, but not in low numbers. I copied the sphynx army setup but changed genies to fortune genies. I think taking any of the genies are good picks. Do not take another faction unit so u do not use 50 crystals on hall of unity. I am a gambler, so I went with fortune genies.

3. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Cavalry/Death Envoys/Sphynx/Tree/Abyss Demons
Result: Win/Win
Yeah, this guy is like me on my first battle, we think too much and end up with a bunch of good units that do not work well together.

4. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Sphynx warriors/Tree/Dreadbanes/Abyss Demons/Casters
Result: Win/Win
Easy win. No explanation needed.

5. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Pit demons/Sphynx Immortals/Tree/Venom Wyverns/Casters
Result: Win/Win
I like the idea of Venomous Wyverns. They are pretty tanky and deal quite a bit of poison damage. Nevertheless, he still lost.

6. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Behemoth/Cyclops Shamans/Birds/Casters
Result: Win/Win
This guy is a bit tougher. The problem with behemoths are although they are strong, they are too few in number as well as slow.

7. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Shrews/Paladins/Archangels/Clerics/Red dragons
Result: Win/Win
Oh red dragons. These guys are something I was considering early on. Incinerate is a disgusting ability. The potential to do 150% damage without taking retaliation is strong imo. The problem is same like all others before, too few in number.

8. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs 4 color birds/ ogres
Result: Win/Win
This guy just rushed with birds and used ogres to cast disruption ray and chastise. Getting hit turn 1 did do some damage, but the higher stat parameters on sphynx was enough to kill them off easily.

9. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Liches/Cyclops/Succubus/Temptresses
Result: Win/Win
Holy crap. This dude did so much damage. Without the onset abilities on sphynx upgrades, I might have lose this battle.

10. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Elephants/Abyss demons/Warlords/Lizards/Horses/Berserkers
Result: Win/Win
This was easy. He had a bunch of great units that don’t work well together at all.

11. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi
Result: Win/Win
This guy had the same army as me with minor differences. He opted for 2 more sphynx immortals, warriors and guardians but took less magi and fortune genies. He also opted for 4 more attack while I had 6 more defense. Obviously I won as a player but his army decisions as well as the lower armor parameter led to his loss against my AI controlled copy.

12. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Cylcops and Trees
Result: Win/Win
The cyclops ultimately ran out of shots and my sphynx took care of them. Putting defense stats is essential because the cyclops have very high base stats and do deal quite a bit of damage to sphynx, especially in range.

13. Sphynx/Fortune Genies/3 Magi vs Sphynx/Genies/3 Magi
Result: Loss/Loss
This was the first guy I fought for the day and lost to. I guess I should thank him because I copied his army except for the minor genies change and won all my battles :p
However, with his pumped 8 parameter differences. The stat differences was too high and lost me the game. His genies also managed to land good spells, delay etc which lost me the game.
//thread will be updated at my own time. The battles are taking too much of my free time and exams are around the corner. Sure, you will not benefit from the guide this event. But this will serve good purpose for the event when it comes again in the future//
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