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Flash is now completely blocked

AuthorFlash is now completely blocked
I started a combat today and flash is disabled on all browsers as on January 12. Any idea how we will be able to do battles from now on ? I assume everybody has this problem. Any workaround for Chrome, for example ?

Will the game developers change the combats from Flash to a different technology ?

Thx !
You can change your battles from flash to HTML5

HTML5 contents was rolled way back to acknowledge this issue
Go to personal settings
Graphics section
Choose graphic elements to always be in HTML5
thx for the feedback !

Do you mean in the browser settings, or in the game settings ? As I am stuck in a battle in flash, could you please send a link, if it is the game settings, so I could try to access it directly ? right now everything redirects to https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=xxxxxxxxxx

thx !
Game settings.

In Graphic heading, there is a point: HTML5/Flash elements
Select "Always HTML" there.

To complete your battle, add &html5=1 in your battle link.
For eg.
changes to
works. thx a lot guys !
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