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an inappropriate messages and mail

Authoran inappropriate messages and mail
I got an abusive mail in russian. Please see the battle chat and my mail box as well. I find this very abusive!
Please take the actions


Battle log:

I really do not know how to provide you my mail box

Thank you,
2. If you would like to report a private message, contact the Insults character. To forward a private message that contains insults, foul language, malicious links, etc., click Reply and replace the recipient’s nickname with ‘Insults’.
for Igles:Thank you,

Now both ways have been reported
for Eazy-E:
You can only lodge a complaint about a team chat violation if you were part of the team!

After the battle is over, go to your battle chat log (i.e. http://www.heroeswm.ru/battlechat.php?warid=XXXXX), locate and copy the unique 'Report to Keepers' link, and include it with your complaint.

Let me reiterate: Do not include the battle link in your complaint. Only include the 'Report to Keepers' link as described above.
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