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Lost mail

AuthorLost mail
lipoyoyo and yoyo3 are both my old accs with which i was playing way before the servers merge when i was 13. I dont remeber the mail i used when making them and none of my emails which i use rn work. is there any chance i can get them back ? You can check liposyoyo having a password change right before closing that night cause it had gotten hacked i also remeber i got a 10 paysafe as soon as i hit that lvl 6 go get the upgrade on my unites ... has been a long time dont remember much
also last fight was between my accs cause the hacker asked me to beat him in a game and then he said he would give me my acc back i think they exist in the mail our conversations
Unlikely to get them back and at 70 enrolls each they aren't worth saving. You can only have 1 main character. Better to start fresh with your new character
ah it sucks cause i acually put money in one of my accs . if i hadn't i wouldnt rly mind so
Don't be lazy to give your date of birth and email
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