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Asset loading issue - CDN very slow

AuthorAsset loading issue - CDN very slow
Whenever the game has to load assets from the CDN, it is very slow.

Even very small pictures take seconds to load, like the icon for "wood" took about 3 secons. Loading the page without cache takes more than a minute.

If this happens during battle (when the game needs an uncached asset), I have to wait and miss my turn.

This battle is just an example, this happened in many battles recently.


When the dragon attacked for the first time, the game had to load the firewall image, and that resulted in a loading screen.

I tested it with apache AB, here are the results


As you can see, the failed request makes it very slow overall, same thing happens in the browser.

its the distribution network,

i have had this issue some times, other times it works fine, i think it is load based or maybe there is a shitty node in between, idk this needs to be looked into tho
i think it is load based or maybe there is a shitty node in between

This is my impression as well.
Any suggestions about this?

I think I already did everyting I could... cleaned chaches, cookies, etc.

The issue persists... sometimes the CDN just fails to respond.

At this point I'm not comfortable with joining group combats, because I am unreliable.
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