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Perfect world update [chinese update{


AuthorPerfect world update [chinese update{

Reasonably imaginative and almost believable prank by the admins (up until they said they have 3,000 employees)
Shrunken avatars but with big heads in combat just ouch
with more than 3 thousand highly qualified employees

Happy to see so many people are already working on this game. Maybe they will manage to make correct translation of events :O
To be honest, I would be all for a chinese expansion
Some designs changed also

Im not sure but I think troops are smaller on the battlefield now
All in all nice prank, but still ouch :P
I was WTF?
Nice 1st April / Fool's Day prank. I almost forgot that this day has come :)
April fools??

sounds too good to be true

3k employees
Nice prank I agree.
in english version it said game will be in english and chinese .
in chinese it said chinese and russian :P

Atleast do the translation for the pranks Admins xD
Geez! Forgot. April Fool's Day. Every year I get fooled. Thanks LoWM Admins and Devs. :)
Nice corporation :D
Yúrén Jié = April Fool's Day
Yuren Jie = April Fool's Day
My gold turned into Yuan
fooled me at first until i did first battle and saw the fat heads haha
still march 31st where im at :)
Giant Archers look like Midgets. :)
Have them throwing chopsticks next time. )
Looks like the Chinese virus has finally hit here as well.
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