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Author[Event] Smugglers
New event, let's go!
This is asked every event so i might as well just ask it asap.

What stats to invest in?
Attack and initiative?
Yeah ^ whatever makes you a better thief. Sometimes taking recruit count is as good as increasing att/def as it's rounded up
Finally an event where de can shine
On what should I spend my points, Attack/Defense/Initiative/Recruit count?
I'd say try to increase recruit count to the extent that you can have one more Tier 7 unit.
If you have 3 behemoths, get 17% recruit count to have 4 behemoths.
Obviously I don't think that's possible on the first day itself but that can be a realistic goal tbh
you can get 14% on first day
How do I do a battle with no artifact limit
wear enchants
Didnt realize we could repeat lvls. Hope this isnt another grind fest.
they made de too hard but tamer isn't. It gives .5 to per level repeated. To is my fave guild so I don't mind a grind :)
Any tips:

if u can't win try switching to the alt class or a different faction the battles are different for class
for Odin:

Any tips:


Yes, don't rush in. Don't place your golem s so they would get hit by the Swashbucklers.
You have the better shooters, so just place your troops in a corner and kill the big stacks 1 by 1. In order to buy some time, place 1 Gremlin where your golem was, so the Swashbucklers will go for them first, far away from your main troops. By the time Swashbucklers will reach your main troops you should have killed all the rest.
Thank you. However, I switched to Elf with basic troops (lack of money), the levels are piece of cake!
Victories / Combats: 40 / 40
So far it's easy in shop arts. Let's hope it continues like this till lvl 50
so what's your plan for spending points?
I'm thinking of Initiative and Recruit count
but I feel Recruit count will be absolute must in +50
where high tier troops will get use of it the most
for FearMyArmy:
so what's your plan for spending points?

I focused on attack, defense and recruit count, in this order. I feel that Dwarf units have a basic initiative that is:
- fast enough for their slow big stacks
- very slow against their Hunni, forest brethren or shrews.
It would take a big investment in Initiative to counter their fast units, so I preferred to just bait and kill them
for SirM0rphius:
looks like there is no reset points option
which is something I should have noticed earlier
now I really should think before spending the points
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