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Congrats to Betrayer _Mon_

AuthorCongrats to Betrayer _Mon_
Player: _Mon_

I went to tournament chat and we played a few games together, suddenly he messaged me at the last minute and dumped me for another russian player who had 2 higher stat points than me.

I told him off, and wished him bad luck, that he lose all his matches.

I went to chat and found another random to play with.
An hour later, he was my enemy. Needless to say, not only did his copy get REKT, he also lost his battle against my copy.

Battle where he lost against my copy:

Moral of the story: Don't betray your teammate for another because he has an extra stat.

Massive congratulations to _Mon_, keep it up buddy, get rekt bye bye gold medal
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Kchong, if you are ever out of money and down on luck in your life you have an ever standing offer from me to start a salt export business together, i just hope you dont really die from hypernatremia first due to playing this game. Or due to your general behaviour.


Mdude is a living breathing salt factory. You are very close to unseating shubham as the king of this forum keep it up.

There's no reason to be so toxic.
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