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How does it work? Do I take a percentage cut from sales? How Much?
For how long? If another clean, do take control, will I lose my investiment?
Any risk of losing it, or ia it basically free money?
Each share is a 1/100th share of the facility profit with distributions every week (sunday/monday border at 00:00)

Profit is calculated as sale price less costs (costs are fixed and driven by labour and resources required, sales driven by artifact purchases)

It is separate from the clan system and clan facilities, changing clan control has no impact

No risk of losing it unless you are inactive for 3 months in which case your share is automatically auctioned off to keep them in circulation with active players.

is it basically free money?

Yes and no, it is risk free* profit however you have to buy the share in the first place which will cost you somewhere around the 400-500k mark. Projected payback time through dividends alone is around 8-10 years so for many it's not worth it (will the game even be here in 10 years?). Returns are a bit more complex than that but this is taking a simple snapshot.
Can I sell it back at any time?
And if I become inactive I assume, that any money it sells would return to me?
Can I sell it back at any time?

You can put it up for auction. There is a limit on the number of shares that can be up for auction at a time, so you might have to wait.
Alright, thanks guys.
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