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slayerofall reaches mg9 after insane mg day

Authorslayerofall reaches mg9 after insane mg day

Congrats slayerofall! Few have the stamina to play mg for hours and hours again. This must be one of the best mg day records so far. Now rest :)
35 pages of log in a single day, 1400 fights

I'm not sure if I should congratulate or feel sorry. Wild
definitely feel sorry.. my head hurts after that... glad its done and over with and i wont have to mess with mg for a good long while
34 more likely but it is impressive :D
this man is a machine!! congrats
Gratz man! You're a monster indeed. :D
I'm feeling sorry for those eyes and those fingers. ;)
Congrats dude :D
Well done, your now qualified to be called robot :P
Siiiick! But also awesome. Gratz for breaking MG point record in a day :P
there was a record?
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