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lvl 11 pvp elf

Authorlvl 11 pvp elf
Is normal elf better than charmer elf?
Depends on the situation and who you're against! I prefer normal elf because I found Charmer Elf recruit count quite low at Level 11, but in something like a 3v3 and if you are able to hang around a bit longer that Charmer Elf is good. Both are pretty good for pvp at Level 11 though so feel free to try both of them out :)
It also depends how you play, some charmers are just appalling. They think to themselves 'hey my spellpower will go up so i'll just suicide all my guys'

Turn 1
Forest keeper runs straight towards enemy lines and kills half an enemy stack
Unicorn takes out a stack of enemy shrews
Shooters get 1 decent salvo

Turn 2
Lizard crushes the unicorn with a full square charge
Slow meaty stacks such as guardians/ogres smash the forest keeper into dust
Everybody attacks charmer bowmen

Charmer thinks to himself, hey job done now all I need to do is cast lightning... maybe my team should pull their weight...

These guys are a nightmare to play with, they ruin the fight on turn 1 and leave you holding the bag.
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@acean treefolks feels very underwhelming in general.. thoughts?
Also do you do WG with elf normally or no?
Treefolk in low numbers are pretty underwhelming but they are an important tactical troop. As you go through the levels and can recruit more you will become fond of them, they make a great wall for your shooters and wrap can be game changing. Ironroot trees are excellent. Trees aren't the best in their tier but they are decent.

Haven't played much WG as elf.
Treefolk shine when you play shooter classic elf imo
How so? because they stand still and hit them when melee units come to close?
entangling roots stop cavalry from using their joust, liz from using lizard charge grifs from using battledive etc. throw trees on gaurdians and they are stuck there for rest of battle while unis kill reat of knight units without fear from gaurdians. in some battles once my trees have gaurdians i move shooters close for in range shots and pick them off with luck+crit.
t also stops fiends from leaping, forest brethren from accessing nimbleness, and many more. you think they are useless but they arent meant to be damage dealers, they are a unit designed to shut down an enemy unit of your choice so the reat of your army can focus other things.
Good point! Thank you!
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