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Unable to build Avengers Guild as a level 4 elf

AuthorUnable to build Avengers Guild as a level 4 elf
It shows that I can build it. However, when I click it nothing happens.
Same here... :/
When will this be fixed?
They messed up the apostrophe.
All building with ' in their name will face the same issue.

For Avenger's Guild, build it directly using this link:

For other buildings with ' in their names (don't know how many), the general solution for now is to use the build.php?bid=building_code_name link which we can find by looking for the HTML tag on the build button.

1. Right click on the build button > Inspect (Chrome)/ Inspect Element (Firefox)
2. It will jump you to the line with onclick="castle..." where there will be a build.php link.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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