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I was doing a lot og watcher guild when I was lvl 10 with my elf however I just got lvl 11 and it seems like WG now kicks my ass when going with elf and treefolk seems virtually useless in WG as well.
I could do most WG's on 3 stars with min AP but now I can bearly win any.
Is it just because elf falls off on lvl 11? if so what faction is ideal of watchers guild farming?
some fights you just learn which factions are best,
any pvp watchers guild fight i just play defense tribal and herp derp my way to 3* 100% of time, boss of elf/wiz/ etc fights i play defense holy knight to same effect. i avoid the hunting ones at all costs and i havent really figured out the magic arcanum one but that one is tough due to tons of magi in corners but i assume elf would be best at that
I see.
It just felt like elf was SO good in WG in lvl 10 and now it's really bad.
I wonder how unholy necro does...
As a barbarian I always get 3 stars (from lvl 5 to 14)
Hunts are the easiest with mini Ap(barb)
For magic arcanum (fury barb) -Innate swiftness talent gives your troops chance to kill mages first
Pirates(fury barb) - play defensive ,it's hard
Two hero,portal hero - I usually play shadow barb defensive
Ambush - offensive barb
when you say defense holy knight do you just go into defence talents? or do you mean playstyle wise?
like all primary parameters into defense with defense talents. I take some knowledge and sp for bless and rapid for wardens
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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