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How many extra AP can you get from using donation arts?

AuthorHow many extra AP can you get from using donation arts?
It is worth it to use them in commanders guild?
The AP doesn't matter only the stats. I'm guessing you are talking about ring of cold, cloak of sun etc.

On some levels they are better than shop arts on others they are the same. If you are serious about CG every extra stat is sought after. Some people are lazy with it though and use their donation arts when they could get the same stats with shop arts thereby costing themselves extra gold in the process for the convenience. The donation arts also have secondary effects such as magic pierce and shield
Everything else being equal, higher AP just gives you 2 out-of-combat incentives afaik:
1. possibly satisfying the min AP restrictions with less (WG, CG, etc.)
2. slightly more LeG troops at the end of the 5-combat cycle

Apart from that, I completely agree with Acean; their main point is just the extra stats.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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