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[2021.05.24] Day of Haste

Author[2021.05.24] Day of Haste
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Haste! Only today:

  • All lords and ladies and their creatures get +4 initiative in all duels, group battles, and Commanders' Guild battles.
  • day of nothing or one that benefits slow factions

    someone do the math
    might factions day. Anti wizard day
    In commander's guild point of view . .
    if I caste delay(40%) on Shrews then 16 initiative becomes 9.6
    Ogres has initiative 9 . . Shrews still has 0.6 advantage

    Today shrews has 20 initiative becomes 12 when cast delay
    Ogres initiative 13 . . .ogres have advantage of 1

    for Meshy:
    nerd, i remembered asking this in the last thread. I wanted to see the smart people doing calculations again aha

    for slayerofall:
    Not exactly true since +4 to hero too
    for slayerofall:
    I think actually this is wizard day. Since usually the hero has 10 ini, +4 means a 40% increase. But if you have a creature with 18 ini, +4 is only a 22% increase.
    To many DE mages around :s
    This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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