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Has main tower a hidden ability

AuthorHas main tower a hidden ability
At the end of this battle I teleported xbows inside the castle walls. Suddenly, the stack took 10 times more damage from the main tower. Both evasion and stoneskin were active.

Oops. Wrong thread. Move to combat problems.
Topic moved from "Problems and errors (general)" to "Combat problems".
I don't know the exact reduction, but
Castle walls partially protect the defending troops from ranged attacks and spell damage.


I know the link is from an event, but I think castle walls normally have this property.
for Sylin:
My stack doesn’t belong to the defending troops.
I thought this is well-known since people have generally been utilizing defensive builds in castle-type combats to cut the dmg down even further.

In this case, I don't think they used "defending troops" to literally mean [a stack that actually pressed the defend command in its last turn],
but more like [a stack that is being targetted].
The language was very liberal rather than precise.

It's a bit messy, but if we search for iswall in their code:

it shows the logic for physical damage where the attacker with shooter ability will get cut by half when it passes through a wall (checkwall(x,y,ax,ay), probably something like magi's through-shot), nothing to do with the defend command.
(I checked since I also personally wanted to know the wall penalty)

Even in this function, the dev also uses "defender" to mean the target stack;
this.obj[attacker] -- stack doing the attack
this.obj[defender] -- stack receiving the attack

(search for [defender]['defence'] to see where they actually factor in the defences (and defend command) of the target stack)

So I think this is just an extremely extremely poor word choice on their part.
I could be wrong interpreting the code, but we could always do a calculation check on just about any castle-type combats.
for Sylin:

I think you misunderstood what actually happened. My xbows was damaged 50-60 hp by the main tower when they stood outside the walls. I teleported them next to the main tower to finish off the last stack. At that square, main tower suddenly dealt ten times the previous damage.
Ah ok, you are right
I thought the maths would add up considering the 840-1200 dmg swing, but it didn't
It almost looks as if the main tower somehow adopted the crossbowmen's aimed shot ability. The resulting damage would roughly correspond to expectation taking zero defense, evasion, ranged resistance and racial resistance into account. It would also agree with the observation that only the main tower, which is within 3 tiles, inflicted this increased damage, while the two small towers continued to do little harm.
I tried it today in a WG quest and it really seems the main tower (unlike two other archer towers) has aimed shot ability which is not mentioned in the description. It worked both against crossbowmen and clerics, so the hypothesis from my upper post, that the bug "steals" aimed shot ability from xbows was false.

The behavious of the bottom archer tower was also strange, when in one moment it chose archangels as its target, dealing 75 damage to them, while the other tower (with same stats) inflicted only 21 damage to crossbowmen with lower defense. This can not be explained by min-max dmg range.

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