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New event up!
It's hard to believe, but robbers have honor. Very specific, by civilized standards, but sometimes it even drowns out much more familiar feelings for them - the thirst for profit and the desire to save their skin. Several recent debacles, which culminated in the loss of a number of key camps, the loss of valuable cargo and even disrupted deals, have outright angered the self-proclaimed king of the bandit wastelands. While on all other fronts the bandit brothers were doing quite well, the Empire with its vaunted Heroes continued to be a thorn in their side. And quite a lot. It has become a matter of honor for them to get even! Or - a crazy fix idea ...
- Burn everything !!! Spare no one !!! - loudly shouted the leader of the robbers, placing himself on the top of the hill, from which the outlines of the roofs of peasant houses were already visible.
- Boss, here it is ... - suddenly came the voice of a breathless sentinel, - ... in the center and on the left everything is according to the usual scheme ...
- Send the best there! - without waiting for the end of the report, the leader ordered, referring to one of his henchmen.
- And on the right some kind of muddy bloke sat down , - added the watchman, as soon as the chief was silent.
- Let the goldfinches check what the guy is! - the leader of the robbers gave another order, turning to the second assistant, after which he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly, attracting the attention of everyone around, - I need rivers of canine blood !!! - he shouted at last, urging the patrolman with a kick in the ass and pointing with a formidable ax in the direction of the imperial village.

Brave Heroes! Border guards report a robber horde that is rapidly approaching the Empire's border settlements. They must be contained at all costs! Voivode Grammit calls on all those who are not indifferent to join the ranks of the defenders in order to repel the enemy's raid. It is necessary to save as many innocent lives as possible!

Combat instruction:
1) All Heroes from the 5th combat level in artifacts from the store are allowed to participate , modifiers do not work;
2) The initial population of the village is 1000 people for each Hero;
3) When defending the village in battle, civilians in the amount of 10% of the total population will join the Hero;
4) Battles are held in 1v1 format;
5) After the battle, every 10 surviving villagers extract a resource unit, and each surviving house increases the population by 30 people;
6) For a resource, you can repair houses, build and repair towers, improve their damage and durability, and add new abilities to them;
7) The cost of repairing a house is 10 resources, and the cost of repairing a tower is 20 resources;
8) For each day, you can carry out 12 battles with the enemy, unplayed attempts are postponed to the next day. In total, no more than 72 battles can be fought . The last day for the end of battles is June 16 inclusive ;
9) For a victory, you can get artifacts of creatures, artifacts from the store, and at the end of the defenses - also gold ;
10) Each victory will be additionally rewarded with Mercenary Guild points ;
11) The faction's potion functions in full;
12) The reward for the battles will be parts of rare artifacts and not only:

For 10 victories: +1 parts each:
for 20 victories: +2 parts each , +5 elixirs of restoration ;
for 30 victories: +3 parts each;
for 40 victories: +4 parts each, blessing of Abu-Bakr for 10 days ;
for 50 victories: +5 parts each;
for 60 victories: +5 parts each, a squad of very rare creatures ;

as well as up to 10 parts of the Heavenly Shield based on the results of the award , taking into account the personal contribution of each to the success of the operation.

If you have 100 parts, it will be possible to assemble a full-fledged artifact from them. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but can be transferred for repairs or for installing modifiers.

Tactical Tips:
Think about how to place the towers initially correctly. For example, if you place them on the first line, they will be broken more often; and if you place them further from the enemy, then they will do less damage due to the greater distance. Try to move the army forward to protect civilians.

Also, the local guards report on the observed features in the tactics of the robbers' behavior: they try to inflict the most damage on the defenders at the beginning of the battle, trying to ignore the peasants and houses during the first three turns. But do not hope that these murderers will spare those who fall under their hot hand.

In addition, the forward units report that the robbers are throwing their main forces on the armies of the factions they know well with the usual battle formations and are a little bit wary of especially rare representatives of the less popular factions, with whom they have almost never met on the battlefield before.

Heroes with the most populations will be generously rewarded with the Empire at the end of all battles!
Personal event!!!
any good tips ?
Don't lose population at start, it hurts more.

Sylin's conclusion from last event-

Losing x peasants in a combat isn't just losing x/10 resources at that particular round,
but also x/10 resources for the remaining combats in the event.
E.g. lose 100 peasants in the first battle = 10 less resources over the next 72 combats resulting in 720 less resources overall (assuming the remaining battles are peasant-lossless).
Compare this to losing 100 on the 50th battle resulting in 220 less resources overall.
So it's crucially important to preserve them earlier on in the event.
Learnt this the hard way when trying to skimp out on artifact costs early on.

The same goes for huts, but at a much more manageable rate of 3 resources per hut per remaining combat.

This also explains large population gap even among players with similar win rates.

Now since our resources and tower strength are dependent on this population,
the difficulties are presumably such that unfortunate early loses don't just outright cripple the remaining event run,
hence the slow difficulty growth compared to other events.
ill be using a fully looted set from last event, so no complaints about cost as this is 0
Lol nice :D
sure i got tips, dont play u lose gold
it says potion works for all factions, but it does not with dwarf for me.
u lose gold
Life is brutal :)
Any ideas on tower building strategy?
do you go for multiple towers first or take less tower but give it good parameters as well the additional skills.

at moment i am leaning towards multi towers as they are cheaper and you should earn more resources later which should allow you to take the special abilities.

dont play u lose gold

oh shut up with your negativity.

for this event particularly, if you play well you could end high in the profit. adventuror arts end to sell high
Does anyone know what this might mean:

"In addition, the forward units report that the robbers are throwing their main forces on the armies of the factions they know well with the usual battle formations and are a little bit wary of especially rare representatives of the less popular factions, with whom they have almost never met on the battlefield before."

As in factions with less people playing them get easier battles?
It means people who use less popular factions will face easier enemies
Wonder if it means class specific or just faction overall
Thank you!
which factions are popular and which not then ?
tribal those are not popular i guess
kchong getting kinda error after get high target on event xD
which factions are popular and which not then ?

Faction Statistics
Knights 11.0%
Necromancers 9.6%
Wizards 6.8%
Elves 21.5%
Barbarians 9.8%
Dark elves 16.4%
Demons 5.2%
Dwarves 9.6%
Tribals 4.4%
Pharaohs 5.8%
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