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labourer"s guild

Authorlabourer"s guild
can I use this guild after uplifting to labour"s guild lvl 6 at my combat lvl?
I have no clue about what you’re talking about. Try again.
If you are talking about using the labourers guild boost potion then go to the following link and it will say if you can use it

yes , sorry , I am talking about the boost potion which I am using now.
I think , I won't be able to use it after reaching labors" guild lvl 6 at combat lvl 12.
Is that so?
What does it say on that page?

If it says:

The effect of the potion only applies to Lords and Ladies with guild level less than 6. Your guild level: 5

Then no you won't

If it says guild level less than 7, your level 5 then yes you can continue to use it
ok, got it. Thanks.
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