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Days of stuff

AuthorDays of stuff
Out of curiosity how many days like this "Day of Rampant apostates" there is?
For instance, at my CL, WG ratio 14625 EXP = 5 WG + 21.65 FSP.
The day stuff gives: 10.965 EXP = 5 WG + 2.5 MG + 2.5 HG + 20.1 FSP

After the EXP conversion it, gives about 33,37% more WG points than normal.
So we can consider it as a WG reward day. On top of that, it gives 2.5 HG and MG for free and a superior FSP ratio. That's pretty good.
Reasonably frequently, but not frequently enough to get your WG high
More info here

closed by Angel of Death (2021-06-14 21:36:16)
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