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Thieves guild is 7..yet initiative is 0. Any help?

AuthorThieves guild is 7..yet initiative is 0. Any help?
Initiative should also be 7% right?
Should be even more with the arts maybe idk

I think its a glitch you can report
Yes, your initiative should be +7%, raise a ticket with the admin, not only your initiative is 0, also your thief guild is not showing how many more points are needed for the next level.

Looks like a bug.
You have RG activated. You have to switch to TG by paying 10k x CL
Ah yes, nice catch!
Totally forgot the RG xD
paying 10k x CL
Or 10k per TG lvl. Do not remember :)
You have to pay to switch between RG and TG? well TIL. Not cheap either!
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