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[event] sea mission


Author[event] sea mission
LEG and PVP at the same time, looks like i'm going to be buying heaven amulet parts xD
Merlin: 30 parts from MT and 15 from LeG event. From experience, admins will distribute atleast 120 to 170 parts so you can still collect it if your active in other events.

A Naval Raid

For years now, pirates have been terrorizing Imperial sailors and merchants with varying success. But no matter how many ships the Heroes of the Empire have sunk under their black banners, there are still no fewer of these vermin. And the reason for that is their leader - a vile traitor and greedy scoundrel known as Captain Redbeard. The shame of the dwarf family! Even the earth could not bear him, banishing into the realm of the sea element, though it would be better to the other world. There must be no one else in the world for whom the leader of the dwarves, Tolgar, feels so much contempt. And though all previous attempts to capture him had failed, perhaps this time it would go differently? At the very least, the old gnome couldn't not try.

"Anyway, listen, my friend. I was chatting over a mug of ale with a former corsair. Redbeard, he says, he's gone off his rocker. He's got himself into some kind of sea necromancy. Pirates are getting scared of him, a lot of them running away from him. But not all of them. You ever hear of Gunpowder Joe? Crazy psycho. He's the one who created the monster cannons sailors have been talking about lately. It wouldn't hurt to pay him a visit sometime. I'm afraid his fort at sea wouldn't take a whole fleet. But we can do something more cunning. There's a lady the pirates call the wicked witch. Don't even ask! The locals fear her like death itself. Dark rituals, raising the dead. Rumor has it she even summoned a phoenix once to scare a little guy. It's like Abu Bakr in a skirt! Don't tell that joke to the old man... Well, rumor has it that she crossed that madman, but she stumbled a little and got herself in trouble. We help her out, we gain a valuable ally against our common enemy. It's as simple as a hammer on an anvil! I'd do it myself. It's not the first time I've gone on a raid. But I'm afraid my wife won't let me in if she finds out about the witches. And she's a hard hitter... So can you help me out on old friendship?"

Heroes, brave leaders! Dwarf leader Tolgar has obtained valuable information about an important prisoner who fell into the clutches of pirates. She must be rescued and brought to safety alive and well. This is a delicate matter, so small groups of followers of the Leader's Guild will be required to act.
Combat briefing:

- All Heroes of combat level 5 or higher are allowed to participate in a sea raid;
- Only units of their followers from the Leader's Guild are allowed to oppose the enemy;
- The leadership restrictions for each Hero are equal to the restrictions of his current guild level;
- Battles take place without artifacts, skills or participation of the Hero himself. After deployment of units, you can activate automatic combat if you wish;
- Heroes will not gain experience and skills in these battles, and artifacts will not wear out;
- A total of 50 main difficulty levels of enemy units are available;
- Up to 50 additional difficulty levels with enhanced enemy units and minor rewards are also expected, but all of this additional recklessness will be limited to 75 attempts;

- The composition and number of enemy units in each level is the same for all Heroes;
- Victory over each squad has a valuable reward depending on the level of the squad;
- On the first day, you can only fight units of the first 10 difficulty levels. Each following day another 10 levels will become available, up to and including the 50th level. Additional battles will become available on day 6 - and will be limited only by the number of attempts;
- Important! When exploring uncharted islands and the surrounding waters, the range of vision will be reduced and will be limited to the visibility of the next enemy squad only;

- Objective of the mission:

to free the mysterious "witch" and deliver her to safety;

- New! Considering the temper of the captive, she will probably want to join the squad after her release and will want to unleash all her fury on her enslavers. Don't provoke her or try to stop her - despite her possible weakness after a long captivity, she is capable of regaining her strength rather quickly by performing various actions during battles;

- The top 75 fighting clans and all Heroes active in them will be specially rewarded. Rewarding will be based on the final clan ranking, where the final result will be equal to the sum of the maximum levels won under the clan banner by the best 100 Heroes of the clan. Victories on additional levels will also count towards the score;

- All unblocked Heroes of successful Fighting Clans will be rewarded if they bring at least 15 points to the clan;

- If a Hero withdraws/excludes from a combat clan, the clan forfeits all the points gained by the Hero for that clan; upon re-joining, the points will be returned;

- Leaving the clan on the last day of the event will not be allowed;

- Admission to combat clans during the event is limited to three heroes per day;

- The event will last 9 days until June 25.

Also, Voivode Grammit is ready to lend his support to the Leaders Guild in the form of issuing regular or rare units for gold. Moreover, a one-time hiring of rare and legendary creatures is available. The number of units in one hand is limited.

For his part, the leader of the dwarves Tolgar is very much counting on the success of this operation and is ready to additionally reward all brave heroes with fragments of Heavenly Amulet (up to 15 parts) and Amulet of Darkness (up to 20 parts) for victories:

All Heroes who defeat a level 15 enemy unit will receive a special achievement in their character information. Furthermore, the 5,000 most successful Heroes will be additionally rewarded with Leader's Guild units. There will be no additional rewards not mentioned in this news.
for Kunoichi_1:
Thanks for the translation ^^
Good translation. That Russian course payed off lol.
Doesn't say how many attempts are allowed after level 50. But I guess it is 50 as in the past.
75 attempts are allowed after 50.

its mentioned in the above announcement :)

Up to 50 additional difficulty levels with enhanced enemy units and minor rewards are also expected, but all of this additional recklessness will be limited to 75 attempts
Yea i'm sorry i can't typ things blund or cursive in my forum post. I would if i could to keep the overview a bit more clear
Nice of the admins to give more attempts post 50. Unfortunately, it also means more losses and thus more gold spent. :(
75 atempts to do last 50 levels....i think i know how this is leading us to....doomed :)
What is the link to that website where you can see fights examples?
So far is quite easy, but the start was always easy in this event...
yeah, with some battle examples and some "common" troops...its pure profit....but this will change :)
for metaroh:

Thanks bro!
Very kind of the devs to add me into the game :)

You should demand the image as your uci
Done at lvl 18. Can't win no matter what I do. Guess I'll just build up my gold until the next event.

Did you check the stategies on the daily ?
Even with limited units, you can still find a strategy that can (luck might be necessary, it was for my 20).

Honestly for 19, poisoning is key. the scorpion's poisoning almost killed the ursary alone for me.

my 19 for ref :
sorry for double post.

But yeah, if you want to win and get money at the end, i can't help at all. It's aleady hard enough for me to just win.
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