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mark some mails as important

Authormark some mails as important
I hope to have an option to mark certain mails as important. This is helpful especially for clan players. Some mails can be an important announcement, or a useful strategy for an event. If they can be marked as important, it would be much easier to revisit them later instead of screening all the mails to locate them.

The mail system is an ancient relic here from the 00's and could definitely be improved in general
I use flag for this purpose. But +1
I use flag for this purpose +1

we surely needs this +1
for virtual_vitrea:

How do you flag the mail?
Click on the flag?
But the flags only appear at personal mails (i.e. Inbox mails), not at clan mails. But some clan mails are often the ones that contain useful information such as strategies for an event. I don't have much need to flag my personal mails.
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