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Hello from Russia


AuthorHello from Russia
well there is Russian propoganda, USA propoganda, and other propogandas, you dont even have to search for them.

Well i only see those trash news when i search for unbiased truth.
for Ћоган_:
hey im from Latvia and fed up with retards here selling out to Germans Danes and other countries. all of them are short sighted.
well what can you do when their goverments give them subsidies to go abroad lmao.

I'm Evgeny (or Jack, I like it).

I want to wish to communicate with English-speaking players too.

I lived to Archangelsk rigion, Kotlas town. Now I live in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.
What offline games do u play?

I like Witcher, Control, A plague tale from the last games.
I am from Cambridge in the UK.

The thing with stereotypes and the opening question, is that in a way if you are looking for what people are actually like instead, you have missed the point. Every country is made up of countless individuals, each with their own views on numerous issues.

One should not judge any individual who happens to live or be born in that country on the actions of its Government, media or anything else. Sure it MAY give you the vaguest hint of a starting point of what someone may be like, but that viewpoint should be so transitory as to be functionally irrelevant.

Some English people are fantastic people
Some really are not.
Hopefully over time we may gradually get more a greater proportion that are open minded, tolerant and generous of spirit. All we can do is make sure that we do our best to ensure that anyone within our sphere of influence may gradually head in the direction we think is for the best, and hope for the best.

Re the opening thread I believe most people in the UK(or at least that I have spoken to) hold no ill will to any Russians and do not hold any particularly strong or negative views to Russians.

We do tend to believe that there is less freedom of speech and expression of views that differ from the media are fraught with risk. As such how can one truly know what the Russian people on average believe.

Any issue we have would be aimed towards the top, since that is where the decision making has occurred that has lead to actions to which we would disapprove of.
for Lord MilesTeg:
I have friends who don't want to understand modern life. They live according to the instructions of their parents.
Their general outlook on life is outdated, but they are good guys. For example, they don't want to understand people with unconventional views on life. If you didn't get a graduate degree, didn't serve in the army, don't work in a factory, you're very strange to them. I'm not kidding.
This is just an example, by traditional thinking I mean a lot.
How to help people learn to understand "other" people? I believe this is the real problem. They don't need to be forced to be different, they need to be taught to understand modern life.

I recently started learning English, I translated some words through Google. I hope I chose the right words.
I translated some words through Google
use https://www.deepl.com/ru/translator, much better
for Lexa:
Thank you!

It is really better. Could I ask, how did you learn English?
Depends on the person. Some people are visual learners, so watching English Tv series/movies definitely helps. Else maybe try reading some English novels.
for Ahsoka Tano:
I am Russian and I learned English from movies, music, video games, and foreign friends (online).
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That reminds me of a skunk Anansie song from around 25 years ago. Yes it is political, everything is political though with some bad language thrown in.
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I live in Russia.
for Ahsoka Tano:

how is kazak for tourists, i saw in videos it is very beautiful but very racist towards Indians.
In from Indonesia, Bali, and here we have few problem with rusian and other nation who overstay, pick a fight with local people, last day we had report about tief from some shop, hit our local people without reason while drunk.

Not just rusian, American, Europe, and India also quite bold too lately :(
IТm from America, and I know for a fact that neither country is as bad as the media makes them out to be.
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