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can you select what mission you want to play in MG?

Authorcan you select what mission you want to play in MG?
mostly the answer will be no I think
the reason I am asking this because one of the players battle log
was fighting a specific troop monster continuously for 2 days
and the chance to get the same mission by skipping is low I assume so
how can he get the same mission over and over
unless there is a way that I am not aware of?
2021-07-03 21:10: *********[18] vs Zombies-monster {106}
2021-07-03 21:02: *********[18] vs Zombies-monster {104}
2021-07-03 20:56: *********[18] vs Zombies-monster {102}
2021-07-03 20:51: *********[18] vs Zombies-monster {100}

see the time here doesn't make sense fighting 2 bosses in a row with 5 seconds in between
This player was more than likely involved in the bug abuse dilemma that is currently going on
Yes this is the bug/script abuse thing that has been a hot topic on the forum for the past few days. My laymans understanding of it is that these players created a script that auto skips mg quests using diamonds until it finds this specific monster. It then hands back control and the player fights it.
wow using diamonds for skipping just to get specific monster
I hope I am this rich
It's actually a gold making exploit. Somebody discovered that these high level monsters pay huge amounts of gold. Rumours are that they are paying 1,000,000 to 4,000,000 per monster. This was an oversight from the admins as they never expected anybody to fight such high level monsters or there was some error in the code.

The gold earned was used to buy diamonds from the mine which were then used to skip and earn more gold. These player have just received large fines but almost certainly profited overall from the exploit.

There would have had to be an initial amount of diamonds/gold invested to figure this out and get it working but it was certainly highly lucrative for these players.

The admins have now heavily buffed the monsters to almost 100% magic proof to prevent this going forwards.
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