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Buff/Incerease gold from Mercenariesí jobs.

AuthorBuff/Incerease gold from Mercenariesí jobs.
The guild is a great concept but the gold reward is disappointing. The quest is not that easy to just use the base ap equipments. If you could buff the gold rate, it will attract more players doing the jobs. Gold should scale with guilds level.
Agreed. As a low level like me. Mercenaries Guild is hard when I have to defeat high tier creature with my low tier creature. The match up is messed up and the reward is bad. Pleaae buff the reward and improve the creature matching for Mercenaries Guild.
The gold you earn in this guild is through the elements drop mostly
Yes but still considering you want to pursue echanting and you keep the elements, the gold reward is so low and the matchup is kinda broken especially for low lv where they have to fight overpowered line up.
I smell something fishy here, like unsigned multi.

Anyway, giving more gold for quest looks interesting, I suppose.
You should also consider the elements rewards when doing mercenary quests.

More gold -> More people -> More elements -> Lower price for elements

Less gold -> Fewer people -> Fewer elements -> Higher price for elements

I don't have a vote on the issue, just making a point to look at the whole picture.
@Warlock naviron
Yes your explanation make sense but I donít mind lowering the price for element for better gold reward. Itís not just about the reward, the matchup is kinda broken especially for lower level. This gives people a mindset of avoiding Mercenaries Guild. Plus, if you make everything too hard, your base player will decrease like now. Last few years the lowest player online at a given time was around 2k+ now its 800 which is a significant drop.
I smell something fishy here, like unsigned multi.
If youíre referring to the great hunter arrows he sold for 15k to another character with the same name only different numbers then Iíd probably say youíre right 😂
That Shortbow [1/19] for 30000 gold tho
for Dire Khaoz:
Iím almost positive theyíre all alt accounts of Kchong
Keep it on topic.
Tbh i'd prefer it the way it is. Makes the game more unique. The time, grind and hardwork spent in this game makes it all worth it. Increasing/Buffing the Mercenaries Quest might be tempting. But just as Warlock said earlier. It will effect the economy and those who spent all this time collecting the resources will surely NOT agree with this.

-1 to this idea.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off Topic]
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off topic]
The gold you earn in this guild is through the elements drop mostly

I spent the entirety of MG4 without a single double element drop , *sad broke elf noises*
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Off topic]
I get the sentiment, but it also depends on when you do MG quests. I started doing them rather late, and at that point you can do them with minimum arts and little fuss.
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