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More Gold per Diamond Conversion (From diamond to gold)

AuthorMore Gold per Diamond Conversion (From diamond to gold)
Increase the exchange rate from 1 Diamond = 5k to 1 Diamond to 10k
-Encourage more donations
-Players who support the game should get extra care
-Better and fair exchange rate since gold to diamond cost 3 times its kinda unfair.
-I wanna buy diamond to exchange to gold but looking at the exchange rate it really discourages me to purchase diamond.
-Better player reward = more players = more benefits to the game developers.
They actually already did this. The exchange rate used to be 2500 gold per 1 diamond. I can’t say I see this happening again anytime soon as the donations from actual donators seem to be pretty steady. They offer a lot of added bonuses now that were not previously available like the chest of abundance and seasonal offers. If you’re finding it discouraging to donate frequently then try saving larger sums for these offers for better benefits.
@lord fallen
Like I said even tho they did increase it to 5k, I still consider it low since the buying rate it 15k but selling rate it 3 times lower. Plus, they’re losing player each year which means they need to do something to attract player and one of it is a fair trade for diamond price. Anyway, it’s a suggestion to improve the game and gain more players. I don’t see any harm in increasing the diamond rate. If people complain it’s gonna be too pay to win, they shouldn’t complain in the first place because they’re not the one who supporting the game through donations.
If people complain it’s gonna be too pay to win, they shouldn’t complain in the first place because they’re not the one who supporting the game through donations.

haha peasants don't have voice rights.

so -999
why on earth would devs do this? increasing the gold exchange rate would effectively cut their income in half. how about you go to work for half pay starting tomorrow. Would you do it?
That’s not how things work buddy. Do you have proof that their income cut in half when they increased the rate from 2500 to 5000? NO. If the previous change made their income half, they would have changed the rate back to 2500.
Hmm. I've been at the age where donation was only 2500gold per diamond. Not only was it less, the cost per diamond was insane. If you played during that time, you could definately relate. The price currently is considered okay and affordable for the price of 5000 gold per diamond.

Tho if they really imply your suggestion, there might be a risk in market prices going up. so.. Due to that reason.

People here are talking about only half of what was changed. Here's a old post with more info.


Not only diamond exchange rate was reduced but also the exchange rate of diamond to $ was also changed.

I don't think it will happen again anytime soon.
The 15k gold purchase price isn't comparable to the donation reward. 5k is more than fair when you include the regular offers and chests of abundance etc. The 15k diamond purchase price was intended as a way for people who couldn't afford to donate to attain equal footing with other players ie through being able to purchase diamond upgrades (albeit at a steep cost).

10k is a ridiculous amount of gold to receive for a diamond. I don't buy the argument that it will attract players. I see more players like myself being turned off by the increased monetization and reliance on diamonds in this game. Donators have it good already.
Inflation in the kingdom is dangerous for the worker class
From exchange rate, diamond price, x-tra benefit from purchase and event purchase, i feel far better than before. Just i wish they Will add diamond package for permanent or like VIP level benefit for us.

Old day at LWM.com the ever had $1 per diamond (no kidding) without x-tra reward from purchase, waiting for at least 3 day to get your diamond, only once every year event and bonus. I still highschool student so i need save up my money everyday and use my older bro/sis account to purchase after deposite :(

i still love LWH/HWM till now.
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