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Dark barbarian

AuthorDark barbarian
Tried to find any high level barbarian players to see how they play them, did only find 1. How do you play this faction? It has no range but also no heavy offense. The darkness spells arent complete (can't cast curse and weakness for what ever reason) and the faction does not excel in HG/MG nor thieving or AG. I wonder whats the point of this one.

Am I missing something? =) Anyone got any links how to use/play them in any guilds?
They’re insanely meaty. Go defense/morale build
After enough spirit the ogres become literal tanks
Shadow barb is used mostly for PvP, gameplay involves use of high defense stats and repeated debuff of opponent with delay, disruption ray, infection strick etc killing at the end with tanky ogres.

You can watch some of the sb games from last minor tournament here


After introduction of alt wizard and fire drawf who excel in the use of domain of fire, shadow barb has lost its domination.
for Arcanide:
You need wisdom talent to cast missing spells
Thanks guys! Will give it another try :D!
closed by Arcanide (2021-07-15 14:09:31)
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