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Resource on Character page

AuthorResource on Character page
Can we have resources shown on our character page? We have our own inventory, recruiting, talent page, and even troops arts. Can we also just have a page for resources or have it on the character page when you click the HELMET ICON? Why do we have to go to our own public profile or market to see exactly what we have?
I want to agree with u, but where do u propose we put the resource list?
Some players have very lengthy resource lists especially from all these artifact parts, so a no for me cause it's just adding a crap ton of text to the main page and it's just a click away to view the resources anyways
I support, dumping resources info on public profile seems like a temporary workaround.

It should have a dedicated page or via inventory.
Yes this should exist, as should an option to trash leftover artifact parts. Page is clogged up with parts of dark axe, imperial bow etc.
I mean they have already made the new interface for both desktop and mobile right? they can just make it a cascade tabs so you can open/close it whenever you want. that way it won't be on public profile, or too long if you dont want it there
Im talking about this btw i cant copy it to here for some reason


if profile is not a good place to put it on then how about inventory but a subsection with its own Cascade Tabs, that way they dont need to have the icons for each elements/artifact parts and clog up the inventory page

>art parts
>estate part
>LeG stack scrolls
I donít really mind it the way it is though can agree with the idea too so idk xD
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