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Abandoned is the new Silent Hill?

AuthorAbandoned is the new Silent Hill?
I bet it is, due to Silent Hills is an ABANDONED proyect 0:
They're both games. Silent Hill is an old horror game I played as a kid. There were rumors that SH would be released on PS5. That would be pretty cool.

"Abandoned" is another game that is supposed to come out on PS5. He is saying SH was abandoned in favor of "abandoned" but I disagree.
Ohhh, I really thought you were talking about https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=218216&pl_id=4774852&pid=1145132 and not a different game haha
for Corey:
that gets me nostalgic.
AHH I forgot to paste this https://kotaku.com/anticipated-ps5-app-for-horror-game-abandoned-accidenta-1847484739
I saw that the guy that appears in this "teaser" has the same clothes than the protagonist of one SH I can't remember whom >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW1CW328exA
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