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localised MG quest range.

Authorlocalised MG quest range.
idea is very simple. reduce maximal distance which you have to travel in mg quests to 3 or 4 straigt walks max.
else some locations are way better than others.
In what way do you mean they'll be better?
Because every MG site has a speciality of giving a typ of MG with more %.

I dont know them by hard but i'm sure there is a list somewhere
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for Kunoichi_1:
In a way that if you are at Fishing Village you won't get a task to let's say Fairy Trees but 3-4 areas max from the MG location you are settled.
In that way East river is "better" because you are in the middle of the map and tasks are indeed closer to wherever it sends you.


Makes sense too since why would people from say, fairy trees hire mercs from all the way down south and not somewhere closer?

I think the travelling requirement for mercenaries guild can probably be done away with completely.

It used to be an important part of the game forcing people to move around for goods/resources and trigger ambushes. I'd say this is far less important now because I think more people are moving around the map in general. I have nothing to back this up but with all the various clan fights, people on mounts, dynamic factories/economy etc. I would guess movement is higher. Ambushes also trigger quicker because there are lots of people on the levels now. In the past you frequently used to time out of ambushes especially if high level.
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