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Charmer Elf Spell Power

AuthorCharmer Elf Spell Power
Hey all, newly returned old player here. I hit level 5 and decided to try out Charmer elf, and have a couple questions. One, I noticed I don't have any knowledge on my character screen, but while in combat I have 2 knowledge. Also, throughout combat, my spell power goes up. I can't find any info about a racial passive or anything, so can anyone tell me what the deal is? Thanks.
Forest energy
This ability is available to Charmer Elf. The lord's knowledge parameter increases by one point for every four points of attack. The lord also accumulates spell power during the battle by taking and dealing damage.
Accumulated spell power cannot exceed [lord's attack]*(70%+3%*[faction skill level]).
"Imbue arrow" faction ability provides the lord with an additional spell imposed together with the lordís attack. If the arrow is used, it grants 20% pierce through magic resistance when casting this spell.
can be found in about the game>faction abilities> below elf favored enemy

Attack becomes knowledge and you get spell power as you deal damage

Good luck with it ! :D
Sorry for double post

In my personal opinion though, charmer really comes alive once the upgraded troops begin to kick in (MAJOR powerspike at unicorns upgrade)

Before that it is rather paper, though thats just from what I saw, havent played it at all so idk that way
Welcome back to the game Thalysa! Enjoy all the new goodies/guilds/factions. When you have question be sure to ask them! The one you asked has been answered above :D
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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