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Any point in waiting with LG exchange

AuthorAny point in waiting with LG exchange
I've been thinking about this but would like to know what others have experienced.

In LG is there an advantage in delaying LG exchange until you have say 100.000 leader points of a stack? If I wait would this enable me to exchange all of them at once and receive 20% of the new stack or is it still 2 seperate exchanges? Thanks in advance
2 seperate exchanges
No advantage, 2 separate exchanges.
The advantage is more chance to win leaders guild bingo
The leadership value of a troop can be changed in future so it's better to exchange at the earliest then collecting those troops.

For example, on 2nd Nov 2020 the value of lot of troops got reduced. If you have saved up alot of those units then your exchange value would have reduced. There is a small chance for value to increase but it generally happens with caster type units from what I have seen.

This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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