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AuthorDonation offer
Just wanted to know how much I need for every offer? It says 125 (10% extra) so I am thinking somewhere around 116-117?
Can anyone confirm?
You need 128 diamonda donated. So u get 140 for 14 chests and over 125 threshold
For all rewards
extra diamonds givin in offer DO NOT count towards the 125 threshold. you have to donate enough to get the 125 diamonds without the 10% add on
okay, thanks!
Also, for every 125 diamonds you get a random 10,000 leadership points epic creature stack missing from your collection (no more than 3 stack) as a gift!

What colection is that and which stacks are epic?
leg units, if you click your profile and view your leg units the yellow ones are epic units, blue are rare brownis uncommon and orange is legendary
So if i get this right...

If i donate 125 diamonds, i get 137 diamonds, 1 ring, 1 helmet, 1 epic stack, 13 chests, and 20 golden scrolls?
you only get 2 golden scrolls, but everything else yes
Donate 128 diamonds so u get the extra chest for hitting 140 with bonus accounted for
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