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Email change

AuthorEmail change
Hi, how can I change my email without sending the link to my previous email?
It was hotmail and now itís gone. If I canít access it, Iím not able to change my email or reset my password.
My account is was created in 2009, hotmail was migrated to outlook.com and inactive hotmail has been deleted after 365 days inactivity
You shouldnít need your previous email. Just type in your password, your new email and then repeat your new email. Itís in the personal setting section.
for lord fallen:
Yes, I was thinking the same but wasn't sure.
I think he doesnt remember password either and was gonna use email to recover it
for lord fallen:
Ohhhh... Thanks for that! I clicked on "restore password" previously.
I had changed my email, locking this thread
Thanks everyone
closed by Cric3z52557 (2021-09-28 18:21:22)
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