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Halloween 2021


AuthorHalloween 2021
New Event Exclusive for today only?
Yes, 23 hours and 7 min from now till end )
Even professional players can fall to a noob like me muahahah
for Hapkoman:
It's hard to find low level players to attack
Squashman`s level: 10 (1,988,166) +1,011,834
Ranking: 1

Victories / Combats: 80 / 200
Experience points left: 1,370

lets see how long this lasts, i was trolling at end and having fun challenging 22-23 players, who were still a little too strong for my pumpkin :)





last two were vs lv 23s
yaaay finally done, love this event!

Squashman`s level: 10 (2,098,589) +901,411

Victories / Combats: 75 / 200
Experience points left: 1
for slayerofall:
so that's who I was behind of the entire time :D congrats!
oh we were duking it out huh? i remember swapping 1st and 2nd for a while there ;)
i was having too much fun fighting high levels, could have had better score but idc lol
I do wonder what the best way to optimise your squashman is, especially seeing as it comes up every year.

It is quite difficult to know how to efficiently upgrade it and how many fights to deliberately lose for exp.

My tactic is generally attack/defence/hp until the the abilities are fairly cost effective, big save up for unlimited retal, pick up the remaining good abilities, points mainly in attack/def

Too many variables to optimise in my head.
i didnt get unlimited retal till the end
Mine only made it to 1.5m but with a few more wins. Suggests grinding the loss is a bit better for overall position.

Squashman`s level: 9 (1,513,450) +136,550
Ranking: 231

Victories / Combats: 104 / 200
Experience points left: 2
Spending 50k at start makes huge diffirence fortop score
Squashman`s level: 10 (1,727,774) +1,272,226
Ranking: 136

Victories / Combats: 95 / 200
Experience points left: 170

had a rough start but i guess i did okay. 95% magic proof is still not enough to beat some players :|
Anyone else go magic? My multi I did.. Chain lightning was dealing 0 damage to fire immune troops, both firebird and fd priests etc.

Made these factions impossible to face but other than that it turned out to be quite a fun build :D
Is taking strike and return a mistake?
Is taking strike and return a mistake?
Id say yeah its better to block troops and take unlimited retail in my opinion
Is taking strike and return a mistake?

Yeah I agree, I did buy it towards the end but it's not as effective. Plus the AI is bad at using it well.
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