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Mobile iOS app version of this game?

AuthorMobile iOS app version of this game?
Iíve come back after 7 years but no way Iím gonna be able to spend years more just to get to where everyone is at. Looking at a more accessible version of this game for iOS app without the flaws of this game. Any developer looking to make a iOS app version of it and revamp the gameplay so it doesnít take 10 years to get to max level?
Unfortunately making an app based on a browser game that's based on an actual game is fraught with copyright issues xD
for merlin36:
I agree... There are a lot of aspects of this game that will go against any playstore's policies
There is no app. But you can use your browser to log in. After they shifted to HTML5, things are way easier to play on phone. I know a couple people who only play through phone.
In last interview admins said there were working on an app for game, don't expect it anytime soon.
Is it the Feb interview? It said the mobile app would be released by this year? What is the app called?
It was in Feb interview but not sure how realiable this info is.

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