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Hi there, my brother Tomelis28 said today , that he got bann but he dont know for what and can not understand , please explain the situation and if its possible unblock him or i can help him with something... please i'm waiting answear.
This is not the right place to ask for an unblock. Also, seeing your transfer log it becomes clear you broke a lot of rules.
i broked the rules or my bro ? SO tell my where i can write right direction for unblock.
The account was unblocked and the unblocking message said for you to stop transferring to each other. Which you didn't stop doing.

Your account won't get unblocked again
understand i tell him. But its no problem if he use sometimes my computer IP ? we are bro's... i Love this game my bro also we buying diamonds and trying the best here .
block me also account please if not unbann him i did this transfere ban my Rusla696. thanks for conversation.
he did not mistake it was my ... i .m sorry for it. i give back him gold and money , maybe i was drunk .. please do something or bann 2 accounts together..
It was clearly put in his transfer log to end transactions with you. He did not stop, and therefore the account as been banned.

If it was you mistake and you were drunk, then you've also admitted to going on his account to get items, account sharing is against the rules and the account remains rightfully banned.
closed by Meshy (2021-11-30 16:45:01)
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