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Pirate Raids!


AuthorPirate Raids!
Good luck guys
+ those epic troops seems good
another clan event. noice
does anyone have the link to see the price trend?
Is anyone else only getting matched against Holy Knights, Red Demon, and Pharaohs? They seem to be the most difficult opponents
for me its like only dwarfs, i have to refresh like 5-6 times to get anything other then dwarf every time
I finally started to see some variety. I've seen 3 necromancers out of the 200+ searches though. I got Holy Knights, Red Demon, and Pharaohs on repeat for like 15 searches.

I've noticed that I'll search for a stronger enemy and I'll be given a holy knight that has less silver than the previous weaker opponent. A little frustrating
Did they nerf up the difficulty today? Battles with the same silver as yesterday seem to be much harder today.
Any idea if its worth investing in a cannon or upgrading the ship fist?
for meome:

depends on your build. if you're going for attack instead of defense, then upgrading your ships and maxing fast/high attack troops would be more beneficial than doing cannons
Id me

1.full recruit all your army till limit
2. Upgrade ship
3. Another full recruit
4. Buy Canon

Thats my way :)
Last battle

for latviesu lords:

Wow. That looks so easy. Never dare to try the A build myself. But I also decided to get only two cannons too. Pro's do that, right? :-D
I got those cannons last 4 battles. But i didnt try to squeeze few more points trying some dumb enemy.
I would never thought to see Ukraine in 5th place
for latviesu lords:
Last battle


Now that was a fast fight, compared to when I play something like this with a def build! :)))

How much silver did you gain?
Victories / Combats: 84 / 97

Silver available: 3
Silver gained: 46,401
Mine is more achievable :-D and a D build


Victories / Combats: 84 / 104

Silver available: 833
Silver gained: 33,418
for bp99:
nice job :D
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