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No artefacts after donation

AuthorNo artefacts after donation
i just donated 50 Euro for 95 diamond, but didn't recieve the artefacts i should get at actual offer, at least the ring and the boots (i would have donated more to get the amulet too).

Would be nice if admins could look at this issue

I now have a screenshot of my purchase confirmation in my photo album
after donating 19 more diamonds i actually recieved the ring and the boots, but the amulet is still missing. I think, the offer system is bugged, and hopefully admins help me to get the amulet after final donation of 114 diamonds in all.

thx and regards
If you have a question about diamonds, contact the Dealer (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7).
closed by Beliar (2022-01-12 17:20:41)
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