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[Update] Experience tables


Author[Update] Experience tables
Hunters Guild - 14 16,000 points (+1 attack)
Laborers Guild - 18 120,000 points (4,2 productivity, +1 defense)
Watchers Guild - 9 10,500 points (+1 defense)
Added new Unique Character Image
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nice, now enroll botters will have another defence point :)
@slayerofall: You mean those nice, decent, law abiding people who just happened to be up and online 24/7 for the last 14 years? :D
yes those are the ones im talking about... maybe i should also join the no life no sleep club XD
Thx for update info Beliar :)
Wow HG 14! and LG 18 at 120,000. Is there anyone who reached that point already? Those are some insane points.

I hate that there is WG9 :|

for slayerofall:
you already are a no-lifer, it can barely get much worse for you lmao.
[Post deleted by moderator Beliar // don't swear]
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // Not needed. Please repost the info without the personal touch.]
for Beliar:
Thanks for posting the updates here. It would be nice if we can recieve even the smallest updates that get posted on .ru, here as well. Thanks again.
new UCI looks cool!

Thank you for the update Beliar-sama!
Thank you for your work!
Thanks for the update Beliar. Really appreciate it :D
At 120k enrols you kind of need to evaluate your life choices.

There's no life and then there's no life
Added new Unique Character Image
What's the point of adding new levels to these guilds ? Only a handful of people have maxed out previously.
You just answered your own question. :)
I wonder when will be the Smith's guild level improvements....?
Laborers Guild - 18 120,000 points (4,2 productivity, +1 defense)
whats the point
9 +years of constant enrolling with abc for the new LG

Whoever gets it either reallly deserves it or deserves to be blocked for using bots

But do I care, not really

Thanks for the updates Beliar :D
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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