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I think many have already thanked her in one way or another but here is a specific post to show our thanks.

Has been gracious enough to offer time out of her holiday season to make the game a little more enjoyable for us all. It’s no secret this sever gets less attention. You have done what very few have stepped up and offered to do what very few in the past have and for that I can speak for the entire .com community when saying we are very appreciative!
Oh god I butchered the end of this post haha. Oh well, point was made. Thanks for not forgetting us!!
Absolutely a big thank you :)
Thank you :)
Yep, thanks for interacting with .com! :)
Yes. Thank you.
Yes, thank you Усмешка!
Thanks a lot Giggles for all the events :)
Awww ~

This forum feed melts my cold heart ! so sweet! you guys shouldn't have! ^__^

I only wish more of you would take part in NY contests.. I know that lolly is not the awesomeST reward out there, but still something, hehe ^__^

for Blindspot:
Thanks for the CC ~
Yes, thank you Усмешка!
Thank you very much! :)
Employee of the year ))

Congratulations! :*
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thanks a lot for the effort!
Thank you!
Thank you.. Had fun with contests)
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