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Level 6 best faction for TG

AuthorLevel 6 best faction for TG

I was wondering which would be the best faction for thieves guild at level 6. I am going to use diamonds to get either crossbowmen or shrews(so far only these 2 makes sense). However, i am playing this game after a million years and would love to take some opinion on this. Thank you!!
Dark elf for sure. Elf and barbarian will also be great if you plan on getting diamond upgrades
Elf is great for it with EFK, otherwise shrews are probably the next best option. TG is difficult for knights IMO
Also is TG still worth putting all that time in or is there another good option? I have already bought TGI though
Definitely play the guild
for lord fallen: thief guild right?
if you have any plans of building a competitive character for commanders guild or events later on then thief guid(tg for short) is a must. the extra innitiative is game deciding in certain pvp matchups like barbarian vs charmer etc where who shoots first, sharpshooters or orc cheifs can decide the likely outcome of the game. now elf and dark elf are usually the best at theif guild as level 6 with diamond upgrade units shrews and efk are great units. and at 7 elf has battle fury talent to make efk and sprites hit like a truck
That is some great insight and it makes sense, thank you! Fortunately i have experience playing with both elf and dark elf from my previous account. Looking forward to level 6 will increase my faction skills with map hunts till then. Thank you!
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