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Real estate license

AuthorReal estate license
I have a 1% lizard lowland license, i have no idea what that is for as i am coming back to the game after a long time and failed to find any information about it. Does it give me any monetary incentive? Is it better to keep it or sell it? I have absolutely no idea how to use it.

Gather 100% and you can build an estate. The estate makes you recover your health faster and can be additional space but those are high costs.

You can sell it on the market if you so want or collect it.

The income ones are called shares and they can only be gotten through the market atm
Sell it on the market, they are borderline worthless to the average player but can be sold for around 30k


Estates are an old part of the game that date back to before the merge. They provided a small amount of income and faster regeneration of health and mana which was useful before potions and the like. The income part has been superseded by shares.

The most useful part of an estate is the additional inventory slots however they come at a very steep price.

You need 100 licenses and then have to pay for upgrades as in hapko's link
Thank you!
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