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Laborers guild potion

AuthorLaborers guild potion
Hi all.

Whats the average points in laborers guild in combat level 16?. I have 12300 enrrolls and i dont know how much more i need, to buy laborers guild potion again. Is there some info about that question anywhere?

Thanks a lot
for B_I_G_M_O_S_S:
I think it should be written in the page itself where you buy the potion. It would say something like "Average Labourer Guild for your combat level is __", if your LG level is less than that then it will be available for you.
Sorry, it would say something like "The effect of the potion only applies to Lords and Ladies with guild level less than __"
You can only by potions if you are velow average. So for example in the shop i am informed that I cannot buy LG potion potion because it 'only applies to Lords and Ladies with guild level less than 8. Your guild level: 9'
Ok i understand

Thanks a lot :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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